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05-Sep-2020 21:01

So if you want to be a part of my art family I recommend you check out my tiers available or even click the follow button. You're basically getting me a cup of tea a month, and for that I am eternally grateful. Your cup of tea helps get me up and moving, gets me out of a slump and reminds me how much you care. Access to Patreon only Backer content, WIPS, updates about projects, etc. My favorite time of year for street style has to be fall! Early Sunday morning (OK, early for me) I met up with Brendan Kitto to take a few snaps outside a second hand tyre yard in Ōtara. I love me a turtle neck, and I've put on a few kgs which means most of my jeans are too tight now that I often find myself undoing the top button to be comfortable (lol). Also, this adidas polo is cool and something my mate Sheahan would wear and he's cool too.Singing came from one church to our right, and we realised mid-shoot we were right in the pathway of another church, as people dressed in their Sunday best walked by. So my genius solution to this is buying oversized tops that cover my fly (lol again). And I thought I'd chuck up a few of my fave items from Hunting Ground while we're here, to give you a break from my shleepy face. I love Lactose, cos tennis, but the thing I like most about this is the big pocket it has at the front. Did I tell you about the time I went to Hitch and then I lost and/or someone stole my favourite leather jacket? I almost bought this Kangol bucket but then was like, I think my stupid head is too big, but not everyone has that problem ay.

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This site is also somewhat less curated than the above sites, this is where you can see more process, see whats behind the scenes. I'm pleased to offer behind-the-scenes photos, time-lapse, and occasional videos stories about my life and my journey creating art through this platform.I love that this space offers the perfect hybrid between a blog, Facebook, and Instagram.