Needs assessment virginia dating violence

01-Dec-2020 04:22

The Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) is a popular domestic violence offender test that has been administered to over 85,000 domestic violence offenders.

The DVI facilitates early problem identification, which promotes intervention and as warranted, treatment, while enabling accurate matching of problem severity with treatment intensity.

Explores changes in the role of nation-states and the implications of global changes in the division of labor for economic, gender, and racial/ethnic inequalities. (3H,3C) 4114: THE SOCIOLOGY OF POPULAR MUSIC Examine the social context(s) of popular music, including the social, economic, and political factors that influence the development of different popular music forms; authenticity within popular music genres; popular music’s impact on social activity and identity; the institutions that connect popular music producers with consumers. (3H,3C) 4124 (RLCL 4124): TOPICS IN CULTURE Uses sociological, anthropological, as well as artistic and humanist paradigms to analyze culture. Analyzes the implications of social context for cultural artifacts such as art. Example topics include the cultural construction of race and the cultural of the nineteen sixties.

Examines social globalization and cultural globalization and what forms they take. 4014: SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY The family as a basic social institution: similarities and variations in family systems, their interrelationships with other social institutions, and patterns of continuity and change. Emphasis is on developing concepts of civic professionalism and developmental democracy.

We will explain conservative, neo-conservative, liberal, and progressive ideologies concerning race in past and recent United States contexts and how such theories emerged and continue to emerge in recent times.

Explores major types of deviant behavior, such as corporate crimes, extremist groups, sexual deviance, violence, suicide, alcoholism and other drug addictions, and cyber deviance. (3H,3C) 2454 (AFST 2454): RACE AND RACISM Examines theories of race and racism specifically as they relate to African Americans.

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Gender, age, religious affiliation, family values and inter- generational differences among Asian Americans. Examination of different historical tracks of various Asian ethnicities, experience of racism, discrimination, cultural adaptation and conflict, and economic survival and success. (3H,3C) 2514 (RLCL 2514): ASIAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Interdisciplinary overview of the diverse Asian American experience, incorporating non-Eurocentric perspectives on the Asian immigrant experience and dialogue between Asian American and non-Asian American students. Attention paid to the ways race, ethnicity, class, age, and sexualities shape and are shaped by gender and the relationship of gender to social institutions. (3H,3C) 3104: SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY Focus on the development and contemporary state of sociological theory.

Explores the historical trajectories of data to ask how societies have increasingly identified numerical measures as meaningful categories of knowledge, as well as the persistent challenges to assumptions about the universality of categories reducible to numerical measures. Explores the causes and consequences of inequality and privilege.

This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy.