Netnewswire not updating

20-Feb-2020 12:11

But it is functional as a standalone RSS reader, and offers a feature to retain Net News Wire 3 keyboard shortcuts, which is appreciated.

Unfortunately, the Cloud Sync feature is badly broken.

As a result, I’ve basically given up on using Net News Wire on more than one computer.

I’ve tried other RSS readers and still prefer Net News Wire’s interface, despite its many bugs and nonfunctional sync system.

Find Later - Bookmark individual articles, mark sites as your favorites, and search everything. They released a freebie beta version for several months while they reworked it for general release. I found an email in my inbox from a year ago, where support asked me to delete the i OS app and reinstall and I gave them an update that it didn’t work, yet never heard back. Cloud Sync is broken with no support - I’ve been tring unsucsesfully to get cloud syncing to work, but it won’t…Thanks, Barb Reinhardt We tried recalculating and that didn't do it.