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07-Aug-2020 16:48

At that point, customers experience one common reaction: Knowing what we know now, how would we set up our Redshift cluster had we do it all over again? However, sometimes it happens that migration to the cloud stimulates the company to strengthen and develop the IT department more, attracting new cloud employees.

These people study the cloud ecosystem, analyze the trends and evaluate how the transfer of an application to the cloud will affect the company’s work.

Cisco said after three years 73% of the company’s applications will move to the public cloud, while just a year ago this figure was around 50%.

Such a shift is partly caused by cloud providers, who offer users of public clouds more and more features that simplify the development of services.

If the company is already working with the cloud, then cloud specialists are also exploring new features of the current platform and exploring services that will benefit a business in the future.

Four years ago, IBM listed seven cloud technologies to help businesses.

As noted in Gartner, 72% of companies in the world use a hybrid strategy. According to analysts from Market Research, the market for cloud object storage systems will reach six billion dollars by 2023.

That is also why companies often abandon their own IT departments.

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