Nlp questions dating

17-Sep-2020 09:18

It is a powerful healing tool that I have had amazing results with, particularly with issues related to trauma and deep emotional wounding. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life I recommend that you invest the necessary time and resources into creating the life that you choose to have. My rates are intended to be competitive with other professionals as well as reasonable for a wide range of clients.

I was certified by Steve Andreas and have been practicing Eye Movement Integration with clients since 1994. Even with the most severe issues we are working together for weeks and months and not for years, as is often the case with other modalities. I prefer to discuss my fee with you directly to find a financial arrangement that is compatible for you. I will guide you through the processes in a way that is very pleasant and easy for you.

Your goals can be general or specific but, like a taxi, we have to know where you want to go in order to get there. I am not allowed to use the term "EMDR" because I wasn't trained or certified by Francine Shapiro. Most of the people who come to me are experiencing complicated and severe issues requiring weekly appointments for 4-6 months and occasionally for as long as a year. I offer my fees on a sliding scale to make my work accessible to as many people as possible. No, I'm sorry, my services are not covered by any insurance plans. How does it work to do a session with you by telephone? Everything that I can do with you in person I can do by telephone.

If you aren't clear on what your goals are then that is what I will first begin helping you with. I studied Eye Movement Integration from the same person she did. Even more complicated issues can respond more quickly to NLP than to other modalities. I pay for all phone calls to the United States and Canada. Payment is by postal money order purchased at the post office.

NLP is very goal-oriented and has a reputation for working quickly on most issues. Together we can realize your full potential in achieving all of what you wish for in life. Adults: I am experienced with working on all issues including issues related to career and relationship changes, achieving life goals, grieving and health. How does it work to do a session with you by telephone? With NLP we can rebuild a new reality for you that is based on feeling loved, accepted, worthwhile, secure, confident, relaxed, and fully happy. I am not a California licensed mental health practitioner, and I do not provide psychotherapy or any other form of mental health service which would require a California state license. A: Certified Hypnotherapist, Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, 1990. With hypnosis you are unconscious and I am driving with you following my directions. I also have a forte for working with young adults on issues related to making healthy lifestyle choices, fitness, dating, family, relationships, relationship endings, shyness and socializing.

I am experienced with working with adults and young adults of all ages, including older teenagers. Young Adults And Teens: I have a particular forte for working with young adults, college students, and young college graduates at the beginning of creating a life path or career.

My approach is supportive and compassionate as well as results oriented. Certified NLP Health Practitioner, NLP University at UC Santa Cruz, 2001. I use my Hypnotherapy skills as an enhancement to the success of my work with NLP and TPM. I have found NLP and TPM to be more effective than hypnosis. Students Of All Ages: I have a forte for working with students on creating good study habits, passing exams, and creating a balanced and happy life as a student.