Non religious guy dating catholic girl

14-Feb-2021 23:43

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If the answer is Christ, your partner must understand that when it comes to the decisions you make, Christ comes first.

Understand that your close relationship with Christ may complicate your relationship with the person you’re dating if they don't know Him.

Open up about your relationship with God and your faith – if they’re willing to know Christ, God may be using your relationship for good, and as an opportunity for you to bring that person closer to Him.

But don’t walk into a relationship like this naively.

Everyone's an expert on where the blame should be placed: the hook-up culture, the hang-out culture, the so-called 'friend-zone', feminism, men being wimps, women taking the initiative instead, discernment dragging on, and the list continues.

The recent post, "Catholic Men Should Be the Best Daters", refreshingly did not attempt to psychoanalyze our stilted romantic lives, but presented a simple and practical message: guys, just ask girls out.

A person who isn’t on the same spiritual page with you may never want to be.

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If you end up dating a non-Christian there’s probably already a part of you that’s compromising your values and standards for that person, which again raises the question of what comes first: your relationship with God, or the relationship with your partner?If this relationship will have a negative impact on your relationship with God, it’s not the right one for you.

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