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into a legitimately deeper and more realized avenue as these characters try to figure out how to overcome the mutation threat taking over the planet, then Chloe's death may be forgiven. Appelbaum went on a little further to EW about how Chloe's death will affect things. I like that kind of motivation, even if this show seemed like more of an offbeat romp when it started, having one possibly thinking that shocking mid-season lead character deaths would be left off the table.

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Orlando and Australian model Miranda announced the end of their three-year marriage in October.

took advantage of the pre-Comic-Con mania to drop some jaws with the exit of a major character.

Despite surviving through the week after being trapped in that chamber with the poisonous gas, Nora Arnezeder's French intelligence investigator Chloe Tousignant will not make it to the sixth episode of Season 2, cutting our central team down by a major asset.

However, there are rumors that Nora has an affair with Christophe Barratier, a French actor. She collects this hefty sum of money through her successful career as an actress.

Likewise, she adds some of the money to her net worth by singing and dancing too.

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