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16-Aug-2020 01:59

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Here is the facebook fan page’s link:- https:// ’twas 4th march’s morning (technically;) of 2010 when Darsh (fake-name) made a phone call in our hostel room’s balcony to his cousin and set a scene for paid-sex, me (Nitin_fake-name) and my college/hostel/school/hometown friend Darsh planned to fuck prostitutes (sex workers a.k.a sluts a.k.a rand a.k.a randi a.k.a ghashti a.k.a whore) at Kotha (brothel a.k.a randi Khana a.k.a whorehouse) No. Tech students stoned & drunk in their significant 8th semester i.e job-placement semester of Kurukshetra University’s in-campus A-graded engineering college gave more preference to exotica compared to career.

I thought whether sex workers know any education except sex education. Tech final year, are you interested in my engineering grades/cgpa? She smiled and said “sahab jyada pade likhe jawaan bhi ane lg gye” (young educated fellows making their way to shitty brothels) stressing on word “jawaan” with index finger touching the space in between her upper & lower lip.

I thought, whether prostitutes have so much time to talk?

A man don’t need an engineering and management degree to start & expand business, A degree which is a shit piece of paper is useful for those who just want to work like slaves (employee) for their lord (employer) from to .

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I said “nahi” (nopes) He said “dekhne k paise nhi lagte” (pay when you are convinced) and I neglected.The prostitutes were from north east India and from Nepal, it was difficult to differentiate.I didnt liked any slut on three floors, some sluts were above 40, some young but ugly (beauty lies in eyes of person who is watching lol), the age group of prostitutes were from 16-40 , that thing annoyed me why minor girls are working because as per my knowledge, in India, the minimum age to work as prostitute is ’18’. Finally, on 3rd floor, liked a Nepali girl, her name tagged on her right arm ‘Simi’ enclosed in heart tattoo, She was the only slut not attracting customers, just standing still, chatting with her mates, I think she knows about her beauty.Prostitutes and pimps were friendly, prostitutes do everything to attract us by kisses, touching our real-thing (dick aka penis aka lund aka loda), holding us in their arms, saying sweet words (babbu) chatting on any topic, feeding grapes in our mouth, giving jerks with their hips..

Now my heartbeat became normal and I started feeling good, my nerves in control but lil sweet adrenaline on its way.

64 (chausath), GB ROAD (Garstin Bastion Road a.k.a Swami Shradhanand Marg) which is the biggest red light area of Delhi a.k.a land of pink nipples. We bunked the engineering-materials lecture (2pm) and left our hostel at pm after having shitty meal in fucking sarkari hostel’s mess and one-one 60ml peg of VAT69 to CR govt engineering college’s hostel of Murthal, Sonepat where Darsh’s cousin who was virgin and his one experienced friend (Chashmadhari) met us, this Chashmadhari man is a regular customer of brothel No. Anyways, so up to this, it was decided that me and Darsh will enjoy the sluts, Darsh’s cousin and Chashmadhari will just accompany us.