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04-Mar-2021 09:03

But New Yorkers may not be too keen on these differences when it comes to dating. We asked NYC residents to give us short descriptors for each borough, and the results were quite interesting.

Brooklyn is a place for hipsters as well as smart and cool people. It turns out that Staten Island does have a high percentage of foreign-born Italians.

The only borough that didn’t follow this pattern was The Bronx, which tends to date Manhattanites slightly more.

Perhaps, this is a detail to consider when choosing your next date.

However, it was the only borough not to be labeled as smart. So many people do it, but none of us wants to be the victim.

Ok Cupid and Bumble were runners up at 12 percent and 9 percent.

The Pew Research Center says that since 2013, dating app use has tripled among young people.

While dating can be a challenge for anyone, New York City romantics face some remarkable conditions.