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Find out if you have to wear certain types, colors, or brands so that you don’t buy scrubs you can’t use. You can use them to mark the pages that have yellow or orange highlighter sections. I can only think of ONE shift where I got out late. To help you with time management we created an enormous database of nursing report and brain sheets by polling thousands of working nurses and asking for the report sheet that worked for them. what worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. this helps in neuro assessments and oral assessments. If you have time, I would suggest buying the book before you start nursing school and glancing over it . In fact we have a ton of shows and you can listen on any phone or even on our website . What I use it most for is the pharmacology portion. View on Amazon Staying motivated and inspired is important when you JUST don’t want to keep going. But it’s not for kids, it’s for nurses and nursing students who are proud of being RN. Your nursing school may have guidelines on the types of scrubs you can wear, so you need to check on this first. The orange and yellow sticky arrows will be the most useful in this case. Check out this clipboard we designed here for nurses. The book really dives into NCLEX® style questions and the WAY you need to look at, read, and interpret the questions. I love podcasts for a couple of reasons: Did you know you don’t need an i Phone or i Pod to listen to podcasts? If, by chance, it is not you should consider getting one anyway. Medscape is a free mobile app that has a TON of information. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the week to prep all your meals ahead of time will save an enormous amount of stress and time later on in the week when “stuff” hits the fan.

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But, if you have some freedom, here’s what you should consider. You are going to be carrying around quite a few small items – pens, pieces of paper, notebooks, guide books, etc. This will make your test reviews very efficient and productive! Things like EKG interpretation, IV fluid uses, medication math, medical Spanish and so much more. And that was because a patient came in coding right at shift change. The key here is that no two nurses are created equal. So we compiled the best brain sheets into a huge FREE resource. this will be a tremendous tool for you during nursing school and I wouldn’t start without it. They are the ones I used in nursing school and as a newbie nurse. Sadly, it can be hard to find a great pen light (a problem we are looking to solve). You can check drugs, interactions, and even view images of meds. Investing in a good coffee maker with a timer is a good way to make sure your daily caffeine ratio is ready before you leave the house and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a cup each morning. View Book What nursing school supplies do you think are essential? There may be guidelines on what shoes you can wear, so check with your school on this. Now you can change the colors around, but know that I chose the colors I did based on what the colors usually represent or mean. Use over the text: Now in practice Here is how you want to use this system. Includes: Littman Classic II SE stethoscope, storage nursing clipboard, nursing report sheet (25 pack), nurse penlight with neuro badge card, trauma sheers, and hemostat. All of our instructors are nationally certified in their field (meaning that beyond RN they have certified in their specialty field). And, without the right shoes, you are going to be in pain. when I started in nursing my favorite shoes were Nike Free . I am a little on the obsessive side when it comes to matching and organization, so when I learned of this color system I thought it was the best thing ever! These are important and you want to keep a close eye on red! View on The Nurse Shop We have put together all our best products at NRSNG and created our Nursing School Starter Pack. For the nurse or student who wants to take all the thinking out of what to buy this premium option includes educational and clinical materials. On top of that we’ve created powerful study tools like flashcards, image and audio databases, and massive NCLEX test question databases.To address this startling trend, Diggs has teamed up with Burlington in support of a charity initiative, Adopt, now in its third year of operation.

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