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25-Oct-2020 20:35

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Girl Scouts delivers the best leadership experience for girls, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

And if your naked four-year-old does wander into the frame with a paintball gun, be cool while dealing with it: Anything you do with co-workers watching will influence your professional reputation, Senning says.

It’s better to go back to third grade than to be constantly and accidentally interrupting one another.

Nothing is more embarrassing than thinking you’ve ended a video call, blurting out, “Well, we’ll never work with those bozos,” and then realizing the microphone is still on.

So please, to save everyone a lethal amount of shame, warn others about live mics and cameras, tell people on the other side of calls who else is present, and use discretion about what’s on your screen.

Real talk should commence only after you’ve triple-checked that everything is disconnected.And if they decline, do not under any circumstances keep bugging them.