Othello pre reading dating game

04-May-2020 20:21

And to see him on the stage, his black face surrounded by all those pale English ones, is visually arresting. The audience is drawn to his face, and to Iago's words. This disconnect between the body and the word, between seeing and hearing, is central to the play.It's like having the devil whisper in your ear for the entire performance, even as your eyes are drawn elsewhere.But even more than R & J, Othello is private tragedy.

Othello has come down to us in two markedly different early texts; and the substantial differences between the 1622 Quarto and the 1623 Folio have led to its becoming involved, along with Hamlet and Lear, in an intense debate over Shakespearian revision.In recent times the play's bold treatment of love and marriage across the divide of race has made it a work of particular interest to theatre directors and scholars alike.