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When you have collected all the items, give them to him in the following order: Bottle of water, Gold fish, Healing Herbs, Woods, Fire Crystalite. Talk to neody the one covering his face with a hat.. Healing Herbs: When you find Laze, head west, then west again. Woods: When you find the herbs, head north, then north again. Talk to the dude sitting on the entance of the underground..You can search cheats or codes for the game Need for Speed - Most Wanted on the web, a good page would be google to find some cheats for your game.You get results for other pages like mogelpower or… all the cheat websites u go on for Atlantica online are fake, don't waster your time…Shift-click any open patch of ground with testing cheats enabled, and your Sim can instantly teleport, star trek style, to that location.Use it for collecting, to get to your favorite fishing spot, or any number of other ways. With World Adventures you can zip to and fro without cheating, although not as quickly, by using Zeneport and Tranquil Transference.no there are not any cheats for Atlantica online because if u just play the game and have fun you wont need cheats. Xbox 360 game console video game cheats can be located in a number of places.

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This cheat increases the main character’s experience with the Kiterin character (which determines how well the two know each other and is important if the player is aiming for a “finding love” ending). After you have summoned Neody, select the following choices: Wait a second, look around you! Bottle is found by clicking on the bushes on the right side. The Fire Crystalite is hidden in the rightmost bushes.