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27-Dec-2020 23:17

We exist to create a place for fellowship among faithful Catholic singles, and a place for singles to meet for faith and love.

Created by Catholics and guided by Catholic principles and teachings, our community has been serving singles since 1997.

This will give you such confidence when you turn up for dates.

When we’re feeling a bit insecure about our life, our looks and what the future holds, it can mean we tend to hold back in our dating profile, especially when it comes to our dating photos.

God indeed has a vocation for you, but knowing His vocation and whether you are called to marriage – or marriage with a particular person – can be difficult. After all, the only way to know where God is calling you is to LISTEN!

Through our faith, we know that we are called to love: we are called to love God first, and if we are called to marriage, we are called to live out our vocation through a life of sacrificial love for our spouse.

Ask most married people if they ended up with the type of person they thought they would… Spending time on Catholic Singles instead of other online dating sites lets you pursue a path that includes not just dating, but also fellowship, activities, and a community of fun people who share your faith.

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We know that your faith is an important part of your life, so of course it will be a factor in your approach to online dating and online dating apps.But rather than seeing this as a scary, depressing thing, turn it around and make it a positive.All our achievements, experiences and skills make up the person we are and make us someone worth getting to know.Perhaps we don’t have the self confidence, or enough self love to let our true personality shine – we’re too worried about what others will think of us. Your dating profile should show of who you are, no matter what age you are, what you’ve done or where you are in life.

Your dating profile photos can show a lot about you apart from your looks – the colours, the backdrops and the mindset you take to your photo shoot will all create a sense of who you are and who you’re looking for. It can be difficult to accept that our looks are changing; we haven’t got the supple, wrinkle free skin we used to, and gradually bits of our bodies are starting to sag where they didn’t used to.

Hey, no judgement here as it’s certainly a lot of fun and the idea of recapturing our youth is appealing.