Outlook 2016 not responding updating this folder

28-Apr-2020 04:06

outlook 2016 not responding updating this folder-52

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Blog author is a reputed system administrator in a big IT organization.

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outlook 2016 not responding updating this folder-69

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This will allow Outlook to perform the archiving or synchronization process smoothly without giving any error. Disable antivirus software Outdated anti-virus or anti-spam programs are one of the main reasons for Outlook issues.This can be done by following the below-mentioned steps. Disable your Outlook add-ins If you experience the “Outlook Not Responding” error for the first time, then try turning off the recently installed add-ins one-by-one.In order to turn off the add-ins in Outlook 2007, follow the below-mentioned steps: Finally, uncheck the add-ins and close the dialog. Close all open programs and applications Since Outlook is a complex application, it requires a lot of resources.However, such software or professional Outlook add-ins are not reliable and can lead to improper functioning of the Outlook.

The Outlook is designed to archive Inbox emails to reduce the mailbox size.However, the mailbox size increases as more and more items are added.