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24-Jan-2021 13:08

The sentence you end up with probably sounds clunky and downright strange.Some Japanese phrases simply can’t be translated smoothly into English, requiring more context or a really nimble translator to get the meaning across succinctly.Yet you can stare down the other problem too — maybe someone has been assigned work, but they are taking their sweet time doing it, stressing over small details that really aren’t important.Here “tekitou” becomes useful again, as it helps to convey the idea that they should pick up the pace and not worry about the minute parts of the process. They give all their effort to work, and never slack.Make sure the context is right when using this one. They are “hard working,” but the word carries way more implication than just someone devoted to what they do.For example, a situation you see referenced is if a person gets extra change from the convenience store, they don’t take it.

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We could all aspire to be a little more “majime.” That’s just an introduction to the world of Japanese words lacking easy translations back into English.

A “majime” person heads back to return the extra coins.

They live their life by the book, and always try to do what is seen as right.

With the following slang words, you’ll be on your way to talking natural Japanese in no time! So if you’d like to describe your food, someone’s looks, or even the weather, “yabai” is a word that many Japanese people use! This can be used to describe someone or something’s actions as well as looks.

Not meaning insane in the head, this word is used to describe something, well, totally insane! “Kimoi” is a shortened version of “kimochi warui”, meaning gross or disgusting. This is another word that can be used to describe not only looks but also actions.

There’s no one English translation for it, but it can be used for all sorts of situations.

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