Playfire not updating trophies

11-Feb-2020 10:39

This means that there are collectibles you will be after.

You will be going for all Zoni, Constructo Plans and as I mentioned earlier, Gold Bolts.

The game is a take on old school shooters from the NES days (and maybe I am being polite, the Atari probably could've handled it).

You play as Captain Quark and your goal is to make it through waves of bad guys while saving some aliens.

If you have collected all the Zoni in the main areas of the game and don't have the Zoni Collector trophy you are probably missing Zoni on one of the side planets.

Once you have met both requirements of beating the game and finding all Zoni this mission opens up.

I think the "challenge" is that there are more enemies than before.

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Just keep strafing and blasting him with everything you got and he goes down in a few minutes.

You will also have a map to all the gold bolts and you can fly by each planet to see what else you need to collect.

Basically you are going to want to get every other trophy except for beating the game on Challenge mode.

Playing hard will net you all of the trophies for beating the game on Casual, Medium and Hard.

Step 2: Clean up time After beating the game the world is still open for you to travel around and get anything you might have missed.This trophy is much easier with 2 people but it's certainly not impossible by your self.

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