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When the European Parliament approved the Directive on Copyright, in March 2019, internet users worldwide started fretting.

Critics argued that the new Directive would ban memes, damage freedom of speech, and destroy the livelihood of You Tubers and other online content-creators.

We at Index believe you cannot offer the level of personal and detailed service that is required from a central automated IT system. In our view it is important to form close working relationships with our clients, it’s the only way we can understand our clients' specific needs, and provide the exact service they require. Hence why we have local offices, where someone is always available to take a call and deal with requests immediately, Offices that are run by local people, using local knowledge and expertise to provide the products our clients want, when they want them.

In fact, we believe that conveyancers have unfortunately become accustomed to a poor, ‘hands-off’ style of service. Because we are local, we can provide additional services that the centralised providers simply cannot. Of course, we embrace modern technology, but this is a people business and we are driven by our clients' needs and expectations.

Nothing is for free in this life, you are going to have to get good at research. A simple one sided A5 document with the persons name, date of birth, parish, town they lived in, height, weight and a few other details.

I will show you methods, tips and tricks that I used to discover an explosive goldmine of information (no exaggeration!

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Polish is a West Slavonic language spoken mainly in Poland.

The most famous writer of Polish orgin is Joseph Conrad or Konrad Korzeniowski (1857-1924), who wrote in English and started out as a sailor.

Literary Polish is based on the dialects of Gniezno, Cracow and Warsaw, though there is some dispute about this.

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