Politics of dating leave members red faced

19-Dec-2020 09:27

Federally, the 2015 election holds the record for the most female candidates in a single election, with 533 women running for office that year.Prior to 2015, the record had been held by the 1993 election, an election which was unusual for a record number of smaller upstart parties running alongside the established ones — of the 476 female candidates that year, 76 of them ran for parties which had entirely ceased to exist by the time of the subsequent 1997 election, in which the number of female candidates retreated to 408.The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada nominated more women than the New Democrats in 19, although they are a minor party who have never won a seat in the House of Commons.Between the 19 elections, the top ranking was consistently held by either the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation or the Labor-Progressive Party.She was the only woman in the House of Commons until 1935, when she was joined by Martha Black.In the 1940 election, Macphail was defeated and Black did not stand as a candidate, but Dorise Nielsen was elected, and Cora Taylor Casselman was elected in a 1941 byelection to succeed her late husband.Strum, in turn, was defeated in 1949, the only election after 1921 in which no female candidates were elected to Parliament at all.However, Ellen Fairclough was elected to the House in a by-election the following year.

Several women, including Mary Walker-Sawka, Rosemary Brown and Flora Mac Donald, had previously run for the leadership of federal political parties.

At various times, parties have also had 100 per cent female representation in their caucuses, but again only by virtue of having a caucus that consisted of just one or two members.

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