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15-Jul-2020 09:18

For a series with a sensational title, Naked and Afraid continues to deliver authentic and highly entertaining episodes each week.

That’s the result of a simple format that works, and also a product of the work done by the small on-location production team.

“We need to be safe, too, and sometimes we need to get out of there before nightfall because it’s treacherous for us,” she said.

“They’re on their own.”Rankin said that the cast members have “an emergency radio transmitter/walkie-talkie,” and also a whistle to call for help if they need it. “There’s locations where we’re sleeping in tents, there’s locations where we’re at a lodge a couple miles away.

Rankin said, “I’m happy to have the imperfect coverage as long as it’s still there, as long as we can tell the story.

Having those things really makes that show incredibly powerful because you know there isn’t a producer behind the camera.” “Allowing the survivalists the free reign, the ability to stay in the environment emotionally as well as physically, is key to this,” Rankin told me.

When they’re with the participants, producers try to keep interaction to a minimum. “The more we interact, the more we enter the bubble, and we burst it.” So, he said, “If we have any issues with our production process, then we always withdraw and then we discuss it away form the cast, and then we go back.”Beyond getting help in an emergency, producers don’t give the cast assistance. First is the day-one meeting between the two participants.

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“It’s always remote.”Production selects locations that are in the United States and around the world. Rankin identified the criteria: Rankin said “anywhere in the globe that has those things, we will consider.”“We’ve tried to allow the cast more freedom,” Rankin said, referring to the second season.

“The less we interact with the survivalists, the better.

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