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10-Jan-2021 12:06

The anime only follows one story path, more or less, but the game has several paths per character from what I've read, some of them ending good and some bad and some outright weird.

But some games I just can't really figure out, like, for instance, Graduation (PC-FX, I forget the Japanese name).

Now I haven't actually played Baldr Force Exe, other than a brief check in the beginning.

But it seems to be text based, and going by the PC faq on Gamefaqs there are multiple path story choices you can make, which also alter the game levels and bosses you face.

From reading it it sounds like the game can get quite challenging towards the end, especially versus Renn/Leviathan.

You are able to pursue girls in the story, the anime excised that aspect and focused soley on the main story, so I bet a lot of character insight, development and story details were lost.Seems like the DC has a ton of these kinds of games, but you really never hear much about them.