Quickbooks pro 2016 validating data

23-Feb-2021 04:22

Common sense would indicate that the problem must have been with the 'back-up' so I returned to the original repaired file and this time produced a Portable Company File.

When that was finished I loaded the portable file onto my 2nd computer, restored it and started another Verify. You guessed right, the Verify failed again (at the exact same spot) with a critical fault. I then restored the backup to my original computer and ran verify, it passed with flying colors.

Recently a file was submitted to me because it was corrupted.

It had some serious issues but we were able to resolve them.

I took a copy of the file and ran it on my computer which is running QBE 2017.0R5P , I was able to fix the transactions that were causing an out of balance balance sheet and verify the file without issue.

quickbooks pro 2016 validating data-17

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I then downloaded Quick Books from the Intuit website, performed a clean uninstall of Quick Books, and then installed the latest version once again.

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