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In Love & Basketball, while Clive was scolded by Lieutnant Devore due to his action with Lieutenant Suzuki's case, Dale makes fun of Lt.

Devore from outside the office, almost making Clive laugh.

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She had a falling out with Clive after he sabotaged her case against Major Lilywhite, though they reconciled after Clive revealed the existence of Zombies to her.

She is one of the victims of D-Day, becoming a zombie after receiving the tainted Aleutian Flu Vaccine.

After Clive tell her, Dale asks if he wants to grab a bite, but they got interrupted by the case Clive was working on.

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Dale then explained about the FBI new discovery, that they have found a string of hair of Alan York at Meat Cute.Larry and Theresa have two grown-up children named Larry Jr.