Rapidsvn error error while updating filelist options

02-Jun-2020 13:32

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Dear Sirs, I am using Rapid SVN and my network running with linux , we are using nfs for home directories for users and when i run Rapid SVN as normal user and i am geting error as Execute : Commit Error While performing action : Commit failed (details follow): Can't connect to host 'software' : connection refused(Software is the nfs server) Ready Please give me the solution howto solve my problem, and i am new to this. Also when building from svn tree, it fails when building the man pages.Thanks & Regards Mohanraj P System Manager Kongu Arts & Science College Erode - 638 107. ===8Hello Jack, I believe this has already been taken care of with the issues #284 and #288. (Ubuntu seems to have 0.8...) Xela Jack schrieb: Hello all, I am a new user, just installed Rapid SVN on my Kubuntu box.

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0.9.0 has been released today, so hopefully someday soon it will reach Ubuntu/Kubuntu as well... I'll be great if the deb file gets updated :) -- Best regards, Jack Monday, October 17, 2005, AM, you wrote: AMThe latest release is 0.8 with 0.9 coming up within the next two weeks (probably this week). I have been using Tortoise SVN on Windows and have a good repository.

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