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The effect of the introduction of horses on the Plains Indian culture was to make these people more mobile.

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In addition to that, you can not be an Indian citizen and hold the citizenship of another country. Pubs will allways be around, kids think there are reinventing everything, but there not. It has been going on for 5,000 years, and is continuing to develop even today. Yes Western culture has the ability to affect Indian culture greatly, and I think most Indians will agree that Western influence has become more prominent in India in the last few decades. The puppet master was killed in the 9/11 crash and this discouraged all major puppeteers. Indian women wear sarees because it describes rich Indian heritage culture and each stat of India belongs to different culture, so they wear different sarees according to their culture so it has been given great value.The Indian culture has its root at the ancient Vedic age.

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Invasions by external forces several times tried to disrupt the 1000 year old culture in vain. aping of western style of living is affecting Indian moral values. to Indian ethics , marriage is concsidered as the most pure relationship.American Indian spirituality is probably as old as the culture.