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17-Feb-2021 09:53

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"And providers may keep metadata like who you talked to and when.Encrypted messaging apps are valuable in that they tend to reduce the number of places where your data can live.Developer Open Whisper Systems responded to a grand jury subpoena saying it could only produce the time an account was created and the most recent date that a user's Signal app connected to its servers.

"It's easy for people to be confused."The stakes are especially high in government, where encrypted chat apps and disappearing message features are increasingly popular among officials.

And i Message may collect more metadata than you think.

Signal, WIRED's secure messaging recommendation, is open source, but it also proved its trustworthiness in a 2016 case where the service was subpoenaed.

In fact, simply choosing an encrypted messaging service may cary unknown risks.

Some services like Confide and Telegram haven't allowed an independent auditor to evaluate their cryptography, meaning it's difficult to know how trustworthy they are, which of their promises they keep, and what user data they actually retain.Signal had a recent problem, first reported by Motherboard, where a fix for one bug inadvertently created another that failed to delete a set of messages users had set to disappear.

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