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28-Dec-2020 09:47

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However, she later walked in on him with his mistress at their home in the Hampton’s which was the last straw leading to the demise of their marriage later that summer.

When she opened up during a reunion taping she said, “I was traumatized and on a lot of medication to deal with his infidelity.” She released all the nitty gritty details in her tell-all book called 2 Last summer the hackers group known as Anonymous revealed many hidden ongoing scandals when they released the subscriber list behind a previously confidential site geared towards promoting and facilitating marriage infidelity.

She revealed that she initially filed for divorce back in January 2014, but didn’t fully execute it until August 2014.

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Authorities reported that his illegal activities over the span of four years cost at least 50 people million and are typically warranted at 30 years in jail, but he only got 8 because he cooperated with federal investigators by spilling insider information. he didn’t get along well with the other women and viewers later found out, Kim Richards was caught shoplifting at a Los Angeles Target store.