Ron ng and tavia dating

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As for Sire Ma, I only collaborated in one series, the rumors I really feel surprised! Although they get along, there are no intentions to 'upgrade' her to girlfriend: "I'm personally quite interesting, when I like a girl I watch for the first feeling.After so many years, I don't have this feeling for her, just a friend. We were playing with fire inside the studio and playing with rain outside (parking lot). Yes, Roger was there, and it was in the parking lot. Other than dancing, Ron was also responsible for hooking and unhooking the wire on Roger and Kenix's back.(They all laugh, and Tavia hits Ron on his shoulder.) Lam Ying Fai: Really?

The girl might not be pretty, but she is still very attractive for you to look at her.

We know each other too well." Although Kate isn't his cup of tea, Ron praises this 'good brother': "Kate is pretty cool, no matter if it's with people or work, she is very strong.

This is not a bad thing, it's good she has her own expectations." While their rumors are heating up, Ron does not plan to avoid his good friend and drift away from her: "I don't want to lose a friend just because of one false news, that is not worth it. We talk about work-related topics mostly and usually when we meet, we talk about clothes and dress or maybe where to eat.

I watch her grow and I know how her personality is like because we are under the same manager and we get along.

Among the female artists in TVB, like Tavia Yeung and Kate are my friends.

Forever there will be a big group of people that goes out to eat, but the picture will definitely cut out everyone else and just be me and the girl." Ron is not worried of his image being damaged because he's innocent.