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Even long after you’re done, the game’s Pokemon World Tournament feature offers a challenge against powerful trainers from previous games in the series, including the very first Pokemon game.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey mixes a sci-fi space adventure with apocalyptic biblical themes.

Unlike other Mario games, the cartoony role-playing adventure has you help Bowser battle a new invading enemy force threatening the Mushroom Kingdom.

Gameplay in Mario & Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story revolves around the player alternating between Mario and Luigi on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS while controlling Bowser on the top screen, giving off two separate storylines.

Below you’ll find the best role-playing games on the Nintendo DS.

For many RPG fans, finding the right combination of story and gameplay is important, and our picks offer just the right balance.

The Nintendo DS system is the perfect platform for role-playing (RPG) video games.

RPGs tend to be similar to a book, engrossing players in rich storylines with interesting characters where they’re forced to think about every decision made, and because the Nintendo DS is so personal, everything takes place right in your hands.

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Final Fantasy IV makes no exception to the series’ style of gameplay that has you strategizing over when to attack, use an item, defend or cast spells.Its fresh mechanics and cinematic vibe give the game a kind of movie-like feel that does it justice in describing its more complex, character-driven plot.The Dark Spire is your classic, old-school, dungeon-crawling, role-playing experience for the Nintendo DS.Pokemon Black Version 2 captures the same magic you’ll find when you first picked up a Pokemon game.

Though it’s not “just another Pokemon game," Pokemon Black Version 2 finds its own ground with more dynamic battles, extra features and a bigger story-driven character plot than its predecessors.

It lacks any complex cinematics or modern graphics in exchange for using your imagination in a heavy text and dialogue-based, first-person RPG with random encounters and equipment.