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However, have been eliminated, you should grep the project and delete them.

If your application has STIs, please check their section in the guide Autoloading and Reloading Constants (Zeitwerk Mode).

You need to balance several factors: the need for new features, the increasing difficulty of finding support for old code, and your available time and skills, to name a few.In the case of a Rails upgrade, that will mean every single piece of functionality in the application. Major and Minor versions are allowed to make changes to the public API, so this may cause errors in your application.Do yourself a favor and make sure your test coverage is good you start an upgrade. Patch versions only include bug fixes, and don't change any public API. Then run the Update task mentioned below to update configuration files, then run your tests.Rails sets things up according to the existing contract: That may be handy if you need to preload STIs or configure a custom inflector, for example.

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If the application being upgraded autoloads correctly, the project structure should be already mostly compatible.In When using the Classic Autoloader in Rails 6 application it is recommended to set concurrency level to 1 in development environment, for the web servers and background processors, due to the thread-safety concerns.