Rules of dating when to call

05-Jan-2021 12:09

While new technologies like texting are useful, Griffin advises you not use them to plan a second date.

It has customarily been considered the man's prerogative to call within a few days after a first date, even just to say thank you for the previous date and not to instigate another date.

If your relationship is already fairly solid, returning your partner's phone call may not be a priority, but waiting more than 24 hours could cause trouble between you.

If several days go by with no contact, you may become impatient waiting for your date to call or call back and decide to make the call yourself.

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Smile while you talk, as the same would be reflected in your voice.

Hence, when he eventually calls, you decline to go out with him. When it comes to dating, anything and everything is possible.

That's why it always helps if you have prior knowledge of some basic dating rules. Read any magazine, and they would give relationship advice as to never ever be the first one to call a man. Men are so wired into chasing women, that if a woman calls them up first, they might find her too easy, and lose interest.

Dating telephone etiquette can be, but need not be, a minefield.

If you have been dating someone for some time, it is likely you have already established a satisfactory telephone routine.

If you're unavailable when your date calls, it is generally considered polite to return the call, even if you are not interested in pursuing the relationship, according to Leah Ingram's "The Everything Etiquette Book." Don't wait around for your date to call a second time or leave days before returning a call.

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