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Give us ten minutes.'" conjures in one's mind a comedian with a microphone standing onstage under a spotlight telling jokes to an audience." That kind of comedy is fine, he says, but for him it's in the past.Shandling is striving to exist—and thus to be funny—completely in the moment.Toward the end of February, in the first-class cabin of a United flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles, the only man on the planet who has hosted late-night talk shows, appeared on late-night talk shows, and created an iconic TV series that parodied a late-night talk show encountered the man who had just been famously ousted from a late-night talk show. Conan O' Brien and his family were three rows back.The two men are close friends, and their unexpected proximity made Shandling happy—so happy, he says, that he asked a flight attendant to deliver O' Brien a present. Shandling can't finish his cookie, and he thought you might want to have the rest," the woman told O' Brien, presenting the crumb-littered plate.Minutes later, Shandling looked up—way up—to see the six-foot-four-inch redhead planted in front of him, an exaggerated scowl on his face."This is the way you treat me, with the broken cookies?" O' Brien asked Shandling, his voice slightly raised to make sure the comedy could be heard over the jet engines.Shandling, who had recently completed final reshoots on his first acting role in years—a U. senator in —was enjoying one of his frequent retreats to the Waipio Valley, his favorite place to meditate and ponder the universe.(While he stops short of calling himself a Buddhist, he is a serious student of dharma.) O' Brien, who just weeks before had parted ways with NBC and , was on what is perhaps best described as a forced vacation.

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Sacha Baron Cohen and Adam Sandler have played, as have Ben Stiller and Billy Crystal."When I let you get in line with me and my wife and get your ticket ten minutes earlier?allow you to switch seats."It was a coincidence, these two funnymen being on the Big Island at the same time.Then they play: three-on-three to seven points, win by two.

When only the regulars show—they include Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, David Duchovny, and creator Peter Berg—no one sits out for long.

"The direction I'm going in is eventually you won't know if it's a joke or not," he explains, describing his new act, which he has been quietly testing in clubs where his name never appears on the marquee.

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