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21-Jun-2020 01:50

Of the 100-120 days he works in a given calendar year, Savage dedicates fully 90 of them to psychologically abusing his staff by rewriting articles without telling them, assigning huge pieces at the last minute, and questioning their dedication to the paper, their intellect, and indeed, their sexuality. He is also wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice and cheats at racketball.

Good luck getting him on the phone, and don't ever ask where he's going or where he's been.

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A woman's twin brother has become a white supremacist, and is getting sucked in to a very scary community. Read More Is it common for straight men to be "secretly into dick?

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My brother is a virgin and turning 30 in a few weeks.

They’ll happily see female clients, as will many female sex workers, you just gotta ask — politely and, again, without talking about sex explicitly.