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24-Oct-2020 18:10

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Also, keep in mind he may not have been into you as you think - he may like you as a person - but unless on the last day of work he asked for your number and told you he'd like to get a coffee/drink some time he might not be interested in dating. If you happen to be there, send him a note ahead of time, but don't plan around it.

Hi, so I was traveling around Europe a few months ago, when my last night in Norway I met this guy who I had instant chemistry w/.

It just sounds like a series of scheduling conflicts.

It's not dating, so he's not offering an alternative time, because it's being left as a casual "would be great to catch up if you are in the area".

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He is up for seeing you if you happen to be in the area and if he happens to be around and if, if if.He tried to justify it that she was in another country and they only saw each other every couple of months and he was tired of long distance.We still continued to stay in touch, and I tried to pretend everything was ok since he made it sound like he was going to break up, but when I came back to Oslo he wouldn't see me and acted so differently.Good for you for initiating contact and I would keep doing that.

I would stop contacting this person and if he contacts you to set up a time to meet, great and if not you will have already moved on.

We did end up seeing each other once and finally hooking up (not all the way though).

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