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17-May-2020 02:57

I didn’t really enjoy writing third person songs about people who lived in concrete flats and things like that.

But because of my hang-ups and many other things; I would only now and then specifically write about me.

When did you know that you were going to be working towards “I don’t believe in Beatles”?

Ono: He was going to have a do it yourself type of thing.

We all used to just go around London in cars and meet each other and talk about music with the Animals and Eric and all that.

I like “Honky Tonk Woman” but I think Mick’s a joke, with all that fag dancing, I always did.

I don’t know how close the others were but I spent a lot of time with Brian and Mick.

I dug them the first time I saw them in whatever that place is they came from, Richmond.

But at the same time you disassociated yourselves from the Maharishi.

If you give me the albums I can tell you exactly who wrote what, and which line.

All our best work — apart from the early days, like “I Want to Hold Your Hand” we wrote together and things like that — we wrote apart always.

Derek’s and Neil’s rooms were always full of junk and whores and who-the-fuck-knows-what, and policemen with it.

I used to be up all night with Derek, whether there was anybody there or not, I could never sleep, such a heavy scene it was.

I was a fool not to do it, not to do what Paul did, which was use it to sell a record.