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When it comes to life, Andy knows that is worth something and does his best to teach his fans to Never Give In. Andy becomes more of a main character than the rest of the band when he starts to interact with Madi Morgan and the two become friends and Andy helps her get over breakup with high school sweetheart, Spike Lavery and whenever Evan is off with Rory and Mason off with Ember, Andy is someone that Madi could talk to and hang with and talk music with.

Pre-series, Andy had long hair and wore body paint for Black Veil Brides shows but recently chose to cut his hair and no longer use the paint.

Andy is known to have many tattoos all over his body, such as an upside down cross, the Misfits logo, a dragon fly and Batman.

Andy Biersack was born Andrew Dennis Biersack in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at a young age. When Andy was young, he was the "outcast" as you could sayamong many and was one of the only kids that adored to sport black.

10.06 The Crow and The Butterfly Andy makes his first appearance in the studio with Lava Records producer Damon Richards getting ready to help with the Young and Reckless' debut album. Damon tells the band that Andy will be helping out with the record, which may include backing vocals and some song writing.

The band introduces themselves to him and he lets them know he isn't there to take over, he has been interested in producing for a while and has heard their demos and thinks they can produce a great record.

Also, where does he see himself in five years and does that include Ember or without her.The pair then set off on the drive and Madi gets a call from her sister about a post on the gossip site Raw. Andy can tell something is off and asks Madi if everything is okay, saying he knows it's none of his business, but sometimes it's easier to talk to people you don't know very well about problems.Madi then tells him about Spike and how they dated for three years and was the band's original guitarist.Andy Biersack becomes a character in Season 10 when The Young and Reckless start to record their album with Lava Records.

Andy is shown to be carefree and kind of reckless and is all about having fun and loves playing music.

He and Damon then sit down with Madi to discuss tracks for the album.

They are extremely loyal with a highly spirited spunk that can steal everyone’s hearts.… continue reading »

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He has depression and social anxiety, so it's been difficult getting through to him lately.… continue reading »

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