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Its encryption capabilities however are limited to conversations between two people, and cannot be used for a group of three or more.The Signal protocol has been implemented in Signal, Whats App, Facebook messenger and many other tools, reaching over a billion users.

In the token sale, Kik created and sold 1 trillion Kin tokens and raised 0 million; the SEC says million of that came from U. In a Medium blog post in January, Kik CEO Ted Livingston responded to the notice, promising that “We’re fighting back.”In that blog post, Livingston correctly wrote, “This is the thing that everyone in the industry is dealing with, but nobody wants to talk about... There are dozens of projects at a similar point with the SEC.”reported last year in a joint investigation with  Decrypt, the SEC had been reaching out to dozens of companies that conducted ICOs to request documentation or threaten enforcement—and in many cases quietly got settlements.

Following a protocol and cryptographic review by the NCC Group, we are looking forward to its implementation in as many chat clients as possible. Our aim was to complement and build on these technologies, offering communication and privacy properties to which these protocols currently did not cater.

For example, OTR has been around for over a decade and is built into many desktop and mobile messaging platforms.

You can also run the software with any Jabber/XMPP server you already have.

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