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27-May-2020 20:08

While dating, you and your spouse probably spent hours talking to each other.

That level of communication is often the first casualty of marriage, especially after the arrival of children.

The many demands of life can interfere with the development of these connections, leading to discord in a relationship and other unsavory side effects.

If you feel the spark has gone out of your marriage or you want to feel closer to your partner, here are fifteen tips for increasing emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy in marriage.

Set aside time to talk to each other about you and your relationship, this is a great exercise for couples trying to improve communication.

There will always be time to talk about the kids and the strange knocking sound in the car.

They can also be fanciful, whimsical, or even goals you once had that you know can’t be achieved.

Writing your partner a love letter is an excellent way to immortalize your feelings for the person.

Although intimacy in marriage is often associated with sex, it also encompasses the emotional and spiritual bond between two people.

This is a great exercise that couples don’t often delve into unless they seek marriage counseling, but most couples should take the time to understand their spouse’s past and how it made them who they are today.

One way of renewing intimacy in a relationship is to write erotic stories for each other.

Reading a book to the children together can stoke emotional intimacy.

Working together to create a beautiful memory for your kids can improve the emotional bond between the entire family. Whether your spouse shares good or bad memories of being a kid, it’s important to actively listen and offer love or laughter wherever appropriate.If you feel comfortable doing so, discuss what you prayed about.

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