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06-Aug-2020 02:59

When you’re swimming in the boy-girl pool, it almost feels to get noticed because you're caught up in a terrifying tidal wave made up of masses of over-eager “girls-seeking-boys.” The straight scene is one giant, over-saturated, heterosexual hot mess.

I’m sure you've heard it 90,000 times before and if you haven’t heard it yet -- you NEED to (this is a safe place for you to learn the basics sans judgment): This wildly popular lesbian cliché is rooted in truth.For it's your first look into the window of who we are, and we’re well aware of it.If a girl picks out a cute, locally-sourced indie gem in Brooklyn, it’s very telling -- same goes for sports bar, posh hotel bar, dimly-lit lounge, or a five star f*cking restaurant.Which leads us into the next FACT: The whole activity of sex is just different with a girl.

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I’m not talking about the obvious: We all know girls are soft-skinned, curvaceous creatures with bodies and smells very different than our male counterparts.

On the flip, there is always the fear that if you wait too long to put out, he will get bored and flee the country of you, immigrating to a new girl.

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