Sex chat prank

29-Mar-2020 14:12

Sex chat prank-83

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See people randomly connect with a seemingly normal guy and try to start a conversation.

His creepy glare freak out the people he meets and even makes one strangers scream so loud that she falls off her chair.

There is nothing funnier than watching the reaction of people as a nightmare vision appears on their screen or when they think they have connected with their favorite celebrity.

From scare videos to prank videos and everything in between, you won’t be able to stop watching this hilarious collection on Chatki.

Jack the Killer is a truly terrifying character and leads to loud screams, jumps, and even falling down from his victims.

We have assembled some of the best prank videos online so you can enjoy them all in one place.

Who is the celebrity every girl on this planet dreams of running into? Watch this hilarious video as people think they are actually connected with the pop star and become instantly star struck!