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11-Jan-2021 04:52

Once this malware is online, other criminals are able to exploit compromised devices too.

Malware can include spyware that monitors a device’s content, programs that harness a device’s internet bandwidth for use in a botnet to send spam, or phishing screens that steal a user’s logins when entered into a compromised, legitimate app.

From email to banking, our smartphones are the main hub of our online lives.

No wonder that smartphones are starting to stack up to computers as common targets for online hackers.

Then there are the commercial spy apps that require physical access to download to a phone – often done by those well-known to the victim such as a partner or parent – and which can monitor everything that occurs on the device. We spoke to Josh Galindo, director of training at u Breaki Fix, about how to tell a smartphone might have been compromised.

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From targeted breaches and vendetta-fueled snooping to opportunistic land grabs for the data of the unsuspecting, here are seven ways someone could be spying on your cell phone – and what you can do about it.If a hacker has access to your phone, they also have access to its accounts – from social media to email to various lifestyle or productivity apps.