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23-Apr-2020 13:27

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The other component of a separation is the intent of at least ONE party to be separated.

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The parties remain married until an absolute divorce is obtained but a divorce from bed and board grants the parties a legal separation.

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions…When can I start dating after I separate from my spouse? There are two different scenarios in which we must examine.

1) The person you want to date now was someone you had a relationship with pre-separation Whether you had sexual relations with the person or not this can create problems.

The primary ground for which divorces are granted in North Carolina is based on a separation of a year and a day.

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The policy behind the year waiting period was to give spouses a chance to assess if they really did want to go through with the divorce.If you are the spouse that would pay money to the other spouse, then this conduct bolsters the other side’s claim.

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