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Stephens-Davidowitz writes that Google searches help provide the answer — and it’s not pretty. also include the word ‘jokes.’” The word was also commonly paired with the phrases “stupid . You don’t get this sort of thing much west of the Mississippi.” As for party affiliation, “racist searches were no higher in places with a high percentage of Republicans than in places with a high percentage of Democrats.” This data was borne out by voting patterns.He notes that the first time he typed the N-word into Google Trends, he expected it to be “a low volume search.” “Boy, was I wrong,” he writes, noting that there were “millions of these searches every year.” “In the United States, [the N-word] was included in roughly the same number of searches as the word ‘migraine(s),’ ‘economist,’ and ‘Lakers.’” Digging deeper (and eliminating the version of the word often used in hip-hop lyrics, which he thought would skew the findings), Stephens-Davidowitz found that “20 percent of searches with the word . Heaven forbid that you waste a few minutes of their time checking Facebook…Lastly, some countries have odd laws that can restrict access to certain types of material.The UK’s controversial porn ban, which requires users to verify their age, and Germany’s crusade against You Tube are two of the most notable cases.The most popular way of accessing blocked internet sites is to use a high-quality paid VPN.

“On Google, a top complaint about a marriage is not having sex,” Stephens-Davidowitz writes.

“There are 16 times more complaints about a spouse not wanting sex than about a married partner not being willing to talk,” he writes.

“Searches for ‘sexless marriage’ are three and a half times more common than ‘unhappy marriage’ and eight times more common than ‘loveless marriage.’ Even unmarried couples complain somewhat frequently about not having sex.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live; there are times when you’re going to come across blocked sites and a restricted internet. Keep reading to find out more how to bypass barred sites and internet restrictions. Firstly, lots of services use geo-blocking tools to restrict access to their content in certain countries.

The issue is perhaps most commonly associated with Netflix’s catalog.

” Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google, has spent the last four years poring over Internet search data.