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One year later he was accused by the same magazine of planning to plant bombs in military units, which he denied.

After a first degree conviction, he was acquitted by the Brazilian Supreme Military Court in 1988.


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Bolsonaro was born in the small town of Glicério, in the northwest area of the state of São Paulo.Vittorio's parents immigrated to Brazil when he was ten, together with his little siblings, Giovanna and Tranquillo.Bolsonaro spent most of his childhood moving around São Paulo with his family, living in the cities of Ribeira, Jundiaí, and Sete Barras, before settling in the town of Eldorado, in the southern region of the state, in 1966, where he would grow up together with his five brothers.He portrayed himself as an outsider and a supporter of family values.


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Bolsonaro was non-fatally stabbed while campaigning in September 2018.

In 1987, he studied in the Officers Improvement School, where he made the Artillery Advanced Course.