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01-Oct-2020 22:15

What’s more is that the @Service annotation on a class provides a lock-free and ordered inbox for processing messages on a service.

Because of this, Baratine need to have synchronized code blocks for concurrency; data is only ever accessed by a single service owning thread, thus making dreaded concurrent access a thing of the past.

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Within this microservice, I will be using Caucho Technology’s Baratine (v 1.0) framework to demonstrate the following: For reference, the most recent DZone article that detailed a Web Socket chatroom can be found here:

While the article was a great starting point for people to get familiar with Web Sockets, this chat application will demonstrate how open source framework, in particular, Baratine, can help developers implement the best current known practices in the industry.

Pub Sub in Baratine has three components: Here is the setup of the pipe: Chat Service is responsible for creating Chat Messages and passing them into the pipe.

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Beyond listening to the Web Socket wire, we also set up our Pub Sub messaging inside of Baratine.

In fact, because of this improved underlying programming model, Baratine can persist data to internal data stores without the need for a data schema or an outside data source.

Baratine does have My SQL drivers for the database you have already licensed, but many applications and services can rely on operating with their data in-memory and persisting to Baratine’s internal data store when needed.

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This article describes how to create a high-performing chat application that functions as a microservice.To run the example, do the following: While the application includes a few POJO classes, the majority of the work is done in the following three files: / – Displays chat messages and chatroom Chat Web – Listens to the websocket wire, connects the Pub Sub message pipes Chat – Support for long-polling, starts the Baratine server Chat Web Socket relies on Baratine’s implementation of the Web Socket protocol.

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