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It's time to meet the boys we will remember for having defined the global landscape of 2017: When Jack's face flooded every bus and billboard in the UK to promote drama *Born To Kill *, no one complained.The nicest new boy on the Brit acting scene and he's only just getting started. While it feels like only yesterday we dreamt of staying the night at The Tipton, things - Cole - have really come on since then.One day he awfully discovers a decrease in views on his channel: a user called "Sexy Boy" has attracted all the audience and the computer says that is just a few meters away in the compartment below.The young man walks to the front door of his room and walks down the stairs. This Dorset-born boy enjoys the simpler things in life like fishing, camping and outdoor survival strategies.Truly coming into his own with a Versus collection and a music career all his own, Zayn is entering his quarter of a century having never looked better.

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Less than two minutes later I got a notification from Facebook that he had unfriended me. A heady concoction of classic English handsome and laddish sensibility, there's no denying this model's broad appeal.