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Play Station Camera With dual lenses and 3D depth sensors, the Play Station Cameratracks the position of the headset, Play Station Move controller and DUALSHOCK 4 light bar wherever you are, ensuring you’re always atthe centre of your VR gaming universe.Precision tracking Nine LEDs positioned on the front, back and sides of the PS VR headsetare tracked by the Play Station Camera – ensuring pinpoint accuracywithin the game world, wherever you are in the room.It’s possible that the RGB layer will be reintroduced at some future date, since it does seem to represent a significant challenge for machine learning, the ability to observe a small amount of visual information and relate this to an overall understanding of the unseen environment.Being able to see a new map and immediately apply prior learning to play optimally in the new environment seems like a valid and complicated challenge.5.7” OLED screen See hyper-real 3D environments come to life with acustom OLED screen.

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