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25-Jan-2021 11:01

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I really wonder just how many real bitches are on this site.Gay chat is combined with lesbian chat and fairly popular, with 114 people in the room when I checked it out for my research.I suppose that if you spend enough time here, eventually you’ll find a girl or two to chat up and try to sext with, but honestly, I think the place works best when you just want to swap pictures with other porno fans and shoot the shit.If you are looking for a place to have live video or audio chats with girls as they talk about how much they want to suck your cock, well, you can stop reading.There is no way to chat through video or audio, so if you somehow DO find a girl, you’ll have to go elsewhere.I can’t completely hate i Sexy Chat because at least the chatrooms are active and there is fun to be had, although probably not what you expected.It can very easily be that the “girl” you’re talking to might actually be a 50-year-old professional balls sniffer.

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Absolutly free phone chat and date

Be warned that some of these chatrooms share rooms, for example, the gay and lesbian chat rooms.

It’s weird…there’s literally like 20 rules for the chat rooms!

Do they really have moderators with such pathetic lives that they spend their time enforcing all this?

The chat didn’t seem to have that much activity, and definitely not much sex activity, and really just felt like random people hanging out and talking about their day.

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It was more a place to come and sit down and relax, rather than come in with your balls hanging out trying to bust a nut within the hour.The design of i Sexychat reminds me of web surfing in the late 90s.