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She said she still dreams about our family and daughters. She says she hopes I find love and get married, but I dont believe her. She was Chinese born in America, and she knew her family would have trouble accepting me. This is common with a woman that does not know what she wants because she has a mental disorder and is trying to manipulate you into giving into her needs with total disregard for your own. Do not under any circumstance get into a "relationship" with a woman under the age of at least 25, they don't know what they want, they are fickle, they want the big love security happy ever after relationship, they also want to go out & test the field & sow oats etc (or get oats sown whatever the reverse phrase is).

She still was lovie dovy kissing me and holding hands saying I wish I could bottle up your smell. I feel like she wishes that I am still single in the future when she gets the youth out her system. She did say she is only 22, and she was trying to be 30. Stay away and with some luck she will become some other guys problem. Trust me they are no different to young lads, especially if they are good looking & have options.

Plus, these skills can last into the 40s and 50 Reply I’m 56, but I’ve been into extreme fitness since I was 14 and have always eaten healthy food and exercised.

I have absolutely NO problem reeling in hot 18-25 year old women in Colombia and the Dominican Republic and have been doing it for years.

You are suddenly hyper-aware that everything you own is either a mini-dress, cut-off shorts, a cut-out dress, dangerously low-cut, ripped, stained or cropped.

Whenever you feel brave wearing a blazer, you look more like a naughty school girl who got kicked out of boarding school than you do a real grown-up.

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be the older man she **** every now & then, but don't take her seriously as a relationship goal. It must be an age thing because she would also be all over me, saying Im the only guy she's ever loved so much, also wanted to get engaged after a few months I even bought her a ring.

She asked me to marry her in 5 months through our relationship. She began to talk about our children together and family. She would say things like if you left me I don't know how to go on. Then we had one blip in our relationship and she wanted a break, that break turned into a 3 week break up. Then would say things like our babies will be so beautiful.

She would say your the one, I will never let you go. She had to hear from me or she thought I was cheating. She would fight going out and be in tears when she got back saying she doesn't want too she wants to be cuddling with me. The second break up she said she needed to be independent and find herself. She would hint at reconnecting in the future as friends.

The sudden presence of a real adult in our worlds puts a tiny pinprick in the shiny pink balloon we call home.

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Suddenly, reality crystallizes into our frame of vision.

Then she said she would not respond to me in any way after today. However, she probably will meet another man and get into a relationship. Mind you It was a year long relationship, that ended abruptly. We could do everything together, dinners, movies, galleries Broadway shows. She would say things like I want your ***** and keep it in my freezer.. She asked me a couple of times to go with no condom and let go inside her. But she would say things like that, I got to protect my future kids. My advice with young women, DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED AT ANY COST.