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02-Jan-2021 03:59

Kinda questionable but forgivable are natural shots with him shirtless, such as in the pool or on a boat.I personally dislike them but of course I don't speak for all women and I'm sure some like them.I wouldn't take off my polo and lean against the china cabinet for a photoshoot. Got dates with at least 3 7 's a week, lots of them commented on my body. I did brief analysis and I've gotten about 3x as many views with a shirtless profile picture.I met my current girlfriend online and I had a shirtless pic. I've gotten about twice as many messages sent from women with the body pic as opposed to standard face picture.I'm kind of surprised how wel ikt worked, tons of girls messaged me. A lot thought I was too good for them and they were 7 and 8's.

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These guys who post shirtless pics of themselves on dating websites may know this.I can imagine the pep talk you give yourself in the mirror every morning.You are probably super high maintenance, and I already don’t think I can deal with you. I will probably mock you if you are pasty on the beach, or sporting a farmer tan. ) Let me counter it with this – you probably don’t want to see every female on OKCupid in a bikini, right? Kinda douchey but POF and the like are all about physical beauty and superficial stuff anyway.

Put up a shirtless pic of you at the beach or some kind of outdoor event. --- --- Aware Thread: You know you can TRIPLE the Chipotle Bowl, right? t=168524803 S&P crew College - "A young man's perspective on timeless and youthful style"Yes, worked extremely well.

Guys post shirtless pics of themselves on dating websites because they are hoping that this will attract women to them.

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